[MySQL] 資料庫效能測試白皮書

剛剛在 MySQL 的 Case Studies 看到 Cox Communications Powers Massive Data Warehouse with MySQL (PDF 格式) 裡面有各大資料庫的效能測試曲線圖。


這份曲線圖應該是從 MySQL Performance Benchmarks white paper 裡面拿出來的,不過要加入會員才能拿到,官方訊息如下:

Attached is the white paper, “MySQL Performance Benchmarks” you requested.

To meet the service levels demanded by your users, your database-based application needs to deliver high performance and scalability. In addition, it requires complete data availability, which includes fault tolerance, service uptime, and throughput. In short, performance and service uptime are the two most important criteria to ensure an application operates at expected levels.

This paper discusses the performance of MySQL. It highlights the database elements that can be measured and adjusted during a benchmark. In addition it delivers a set of benchmark results obtained from third parties and internal tests run at the MySQL Test Labs that demonstrate MySQL’s ability to meet the most demanding service levels. The benchmark results show that:

這份官方的 MySQL 效能測試白皮書我也放在網站上了,下載網址:

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