Akelos Framework

今天在 Rails-inspired PHP frameworks 裡面看到有人留了一個支援多國語言的 Akelos Framework

Akelos Framework 就像 CakePHP 一樣,是把 Ruby on Rails 搬到 PHP 上來的 MVC Framework。


Features ported from Ruby on Rails Active Record
  • Associations
      • belongs_to
      • has_one
      • has_many
      • has_and_belongs_to_many
  • Finders (not so cool as Ruby on Rails but you can still do $Project->findFirstBy(‘language AND start_year:greater’, ‘PHP’, ‘2004’); )
  • Acts as
      • nested_set
      • list
  • Callbacks
  • Transactions
  • Validators
  • Locking
  • Observer
  • Versioning
  • Scaffolds
  • Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite (might work with other databases supported by ADOdb)
Action Controller
  • Filters
  • Pagination
  • Helpers
  • Mime Type
  • Mime Response
  • Code Generation
  • Flash messages
  • URL Routing
  • Response handler
  • Url rewriter
Action View
  • Templates (using Sintags)
  • Web 2.0 javascript using prototype and script.aculo.us
  • Helpers
  • Partials
  • Template Compilers
Additional Akelos Framework Features
  • Multilingual Models and Views
  • Locale alias integrated on URLS (example.com/spanish will load the es_ES locale)
  • Database migrations using DB Designer files
  • Pure PHP support for Unicode (no extensions required)
  • Unit Tested source code
  • Code Generators
  • Built in XHTML validator
  • Automated locale management
  • Clean separation from HTML and Javascript using CSS event selectors.
  • Ajax file uploads.
  • Format converters.
  • File handling using SFTP for shared host running Apache as user nobody (as most CPanel server do).
  • Distributed sessions using databases.

Rails-inspired PHP frameworks 的作者先前還很興奮的寫了一篇「Akelos Framework: too good to be true?」,但是玩過之後似乎有點失望,因為實在跟 CakePHP 太像了。

不過我覺的差別還是有的,像 Template engine 就是用自製的 Sintags,雖然是採 WYSIWYG,但是功能感覺就陽春不少。

至於 AJAX 則還沒有看到,但也是我最想看的地方。不過看起來目前的進度都還在製作當中,並沒有正式提供下載,有興趣嘗鮮的人就從官方的 SVN 下載下來玩看看吧。

Akelos Framework:

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